Hwang Seung-un, who interviewed with the magazine ‘Bellboy’ for pictorials, perfectly demonstrated various styles and proved the ‘Artistic Artisan’.

In particular, in this pictorial showing various faces of actor ‘Hwang Seung-eon’, she expresses her charm with various expressions and eyes. From bright smiles to pure, chic, and dreamlike expressions, she expresses admiration.

On the day of the shooting, Hwang Seung-eon actively posed and communicated for a high-quality pictorial. In addition, her positive energy added to the vigor that the shooting was completed in a friendly atmosphere.

In an interview following the photo shoot, Hwang Seung-un recently said that he has a hobby with film cameras. In addition, he cheerfully and honestly expressed his thoughts as an actor and a person in his life, and said that the goal of ‘Huang Hwang Seung-un’ is “to be a good actor and a good person at the same time.”

Hwang Seung-un’s pictorial and frank interview can be found on the magazine ‘Bellboy’.

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