Hong Eun-hee will join ‘Homes’, which will be broadcast on Sunday (18th), as a new coordinator.

“Holmes has become celebrity Cody Corps is dominating the fun and substantial real brokerage Battle program to find a home instead of for busy modern people at a time, place the weekend firmly in entertainment powerhouse

The Hong Eun Hee is next Sunday (18) to be broadcast Tongyeong The first sortie on the side, floor to find a noise-free house. The client lived in an apartment as a parent of a teenager who plays music, hoping to move to a house because of the noise between floors. In fact, Hong Eun-hee, who is also the mother of two children, said that she moved into the feelings of her client’s mother and found a sale with her mother’s eyes.

Hong Eun-hee is married to talent Yoo Jun-sang in 2003 and married for 17 years. Hong Eun-hee, who was known as a wise wife and her mother before a believing actor, was able to see the usual meticulous and neat personality in her recently released house.

Hong Eun-hee’s house is located in Bundang, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. In particular, ‘Junsang Land’, which was prepared throughout the basement, was decorated with spaces exclusively for her husband Yoo Junsang, including a gym, music room, and a treasure house.

In fact, Hong Eun-hee considered the house to be a lifelong home and was only prepared for moving for three or four years. It is expected that her meticulous personality will influence the ‘Homes’ confrontation.

As many entertaining programs have shown a witty progress and a loud talk, Holmes is expected to revitalize the program with its own friendly charm.

‘Homes’, which has become more interesting with the recent merger of Yang Se-hyun, has now completed the strongest lineup with Hong Eun-hee. It is expected to face the sale of a virtuous duck team led by Kim Sook, Kim Kwang-gyu, No Hong-cheol, and Hong Eun-hee against the bok team led by Park Na-rae, Yang Se-hyung and Jang Dong-min.

MBC ‘Save me!’ Holmes will air at 10:35 pm on Sunday (18th).

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