SBS A new drama series ‘Absolute Gyu’ was spotted in a stupid ‘humiliating’ scene in which Minsu Bang was stunned by dozens of staffs.

The ‘Absolute Guy’ (Theatrical Gyokyoung / Directed Production / Directed Production / Produced by Apollo Pictures, iHQ), which was finalized on the 15th of the following day, is a love figure with a hot pink heart with red heart, It ‘s a romantic melody that’ Che ‘,’ SF ‘that’ Gonna ‘that missed love and’ Gnome ‘who misses love has become. It contains a special ‘Spectacle Love Story’ that comes from a humanoid who has a perfect love for a woman who has closed her mind because of her painful past.

Most of all, Bang Min A is a special makeup team leader with a 100% pure purity of analogue. As a leader who leads the “Special Makeup Team” on behalf of my deceased father, I am a proactive person who protects my team members and does not make a dent in the broadcast scene where rough words go. Especially when adversity and hardship are encountered, it exudes charm as a ‘gorgeous lady’ that performs base work and works hard.

In relation to this, Ms. Park has been exposed to a scene of ‘humiliation in the face of the neck,’ which is stifled by a man who is 20cm taller than his own at the shooting site. A scene where Eumdada (Bang Min-ah) plays in public is disgraced in front of the staffs of dozens of people. The man who shouted “Pumpkin” to Umudada, and shouted “I do not like it,” even grabbed the neck of Dada and began to shake so much that the top was stretched. However, he tries to keep up with the situation where he is tearful. I am wondering what happened to Momodada, who has become a pervasive person in the field.

The scene of Mung ‘s’ humiliation in the neck’ was photographed in ‘Absolute Guy Set’. Ms. Bang came in with a pleasant smile and greeted the staffs and fellow actors with the warmth of the filming scene, leaving a mouthful of cheers like ‘I’m hot’ and ‘I’m gon’. Then, I prepared a scene carefully to be able to create a comfortable atmosphere even when I am in agreement with an opponent who has to hold my neck.

In addition, Bang Min-ae made a warm atmosphere with a smiling smile, but when his voice shook when he heard a ‘shoot’ sound, he turned 180 degrees in the form of Eun-dae Eudada, who was trying to defend the team in difficult weather. Especially, in the unfortunate situation, he tortured his tears and stood firmly to endure the gag, and unfolded his immersive scene.

Crew if “Room Mina guarding the precious people, hard-working, he completed for roles with amazing concentration cool heroine,” actively Moth Dada ‘lives very hard, “said” what the story is hidden from the characters really deep, attractive and I want to have a lot of expectations about what kind of love will come. ”

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