A special mentor such as Choreographer Jeon Young is coming to AB6IX, who has been transformed into ‘Zombie Doll’ after receiving the ‘Breaking Dance’ dance. They are hoping to become a more perfect zombie in the emergence of actor Mi-doo, who captivated viewers with realistic, natural acting.

Choreographer Jeong Young and actor Mi-Hyoung, who made movements of Busan and Kingdom’s zombies, and ABC’s actress Mi-doo, were invited to AB6IX in ‘My Little TV V2’ (directed by Park Jin Kyung, ‘Zombie study introduction’ is unveiled.

AB6IX Lee Hyun-min, Im Young-min, Kim Dong-hyun, and Jeon Woong, who have been reborn as true “zombie stones” for the first time in the idol, will learn about zombie studies to become more realistic zombies. They will be accompanied by their first mentor, Choreographer Jeon Young, and a new teacher actor, who will give viewers an authentic zombie charm.

Jeon Young is going to give out the expert force of ‘Zombie Choreography’ generously. He hopes to unravel the ‘zombie history’ from the ‘zombie history’ to see how the zombie character evolves.

AB6IX Lee Dae-hui in the middle of the ‘Zombie Emotion Theory’ class, which started as an actor, questions and attracts attention. Lee Dae-hui said that the zombie was rationally suspicious of where his emotions were, and he pointed out that Imido, who had pushed to the point, “did not end until a perfect understanding.”

In the meantime, Jungyeong and MiDo will start ‘Zombie Deuce 101’ with AB6IX in earnest. Lee Dae-hui, “Vote for your zombies!

While the ‘special feature’ is being held with the cast of the casting of various horror characters and the third daughter, Song Hae Young, various ‘horror contents’ follow in ‘Maritel Mansion’. They are producing different kinds of funny broadcasts with their distinctive colors.

‘Marithel V2’, which collects donations through co-operation, offers a lot of fun to viewers through live broadcasts that are broadcast every week and every other week. It is anticipated that any honey marmalas will become a “special feature of the explosion” following last week.

On the other hand, ‘Maritel V2’ is broadcasted at 9:50 pm every Friday.

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