‘The lover of the city on the afternoon of weekday’ Park Hae-seon’s bed poster was released.

Channel A gilt drama ‘The lover of the 3 o’clock in the afternoon of the weekday’ (play / directing Kim Jung Min / production fan entertainment / hereinafter ‘Oseheon’) will be broadcasted at 11 o’clock on Friday, July 5. ‘Oh Se-yeon’ is a growing drama of adults who suffer severe measles due to taboo love. It is a remake of Fuji TV’s popular drama ‘Mei Flowers, 3:00 pm on weekdays’ in 2014, and this is a preview of the birth of a sensuous and delicate luxury melon.

On the first day of the first broadcasting day, the production team ‘Oseheon’ made a public debut on the day after releasing the poster of Park Hae-seon (Son Ji-eun) and Lee Sang-yeop (Yun Jung Woo). Both men and women, both innocent and sensual, are deadly and can not keep an eye on them.

In the public posters, Park Hae-sun and Lee Sang-yeop are lying side-by-side on a bed with a white sheet. Two men and women who are close enough to hear each other’s heart sound are focused on each other with their eyes tightly closed. In the affectionate expression of the two men and women who have attracted each other, they show how they fall in love.

Here is a copy of “Gradually penetrate deeply …” to add to the luster of the poster. In the play, Park Hae-yun and Lee Sang-yop are intense and fatal to love each other’s life. The drama title of ‘The lover of the hour of the afternoon of the weekday afternoon’ engraved in red color as if suggesting their love adds to the curiosity of the broadcast by being plugged into the mind and heart of the preliminary viewers

Previously, the ‘Oseheon’ side released 4 character posters, couple posters and main posters starring Park Hae-sun, Lee Sang-yeop, Ye Ji-won (Choi Su-a) and Jo Dong-hyuk (Doha Yoon). These posters filled the intensity of love with a daring but provocative feeling. The poster on the bed adds to the sensual love and the expectation of prospective viewers, suggesting that ‘Oh Se-yeon’ is a fascinating melodrama.

On the other hand, the only passionate romance channel A gilt drama ‘The lover of the hour of the afternoon of the weekday on the afternoon of 2019’ will be broadcasted at 11:00 pm on Friday, 5th of the month.

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