‘Sections TV Entertainment Communications’ Ok Tae-yeon reported the burden of the nickname ‘Captain Korea’.

In MBC ‘s section TV entertainment communication broadcasted on the afternoon of 16th, the whole scene of singer and actor Ok Taekyun was revealed.

“I do not feel it. I heard the weather trumpet up until this morning and it will be felt if I hear it tomorrow morning. ” Then he asked, “What kind of weather do you listen to?” “I do not hear you.”

After the storm bullet-up, the nickname “Captain Korea” was said, “It seems to have been called that because I exercise a lot at that time.”

“It’s burdensome,” he said, “but I thought I should do better.”

When asked about the food she wanted to eat, she answered, “Something your mother is doing.” I would also like to see Twice as a group.

Finally, “I greet you a long time. Thank you for waiting so I will visit you with a good work soon. ”

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