Juno will release his second solo album ‘TWO’ on June 25 at 6 pm.

Prior to that, Junho announced his new album release feeling through his agency JYP Entertainment on the morning of the 23rd and added the expectation of the fans to the meaning of the album.

In September of 2015, the first solo best album ‘ONE’ followed by the best new album ‘TWO’ in three years and four months. In fact, when the ‘ONE’ was actually created (Best Album) series I did not think it was geography, “but” Thanks to the love you sent me, more albums were released and I was able to achieve a good result. ”

“I want to be a small gift to my fans,” said Joon Ho, “I have collected a lot of songs but I want to hear them now again. I introduce my new album” TWO “and” I really appreciate my fans and 2PM members. ” I conveyed my gratitude to my precious beings.

This new best album ‘TWO’ collects a variety of emotions that will last a long time among the songs released by ‘Solo Artist’ Junho. All of the 12 tracks are composed by Junho himself. They include three solo songs ‘CANVAS’, ‘Fine’, ‘Hibernate’ and nine Korean versions of songs released in Japan.


As a member of the group 2PM, as well as being a solo artist, Junho has foreseen a popular high season in 2019. In July of 2018, he won the first Oricon Weekly album chart in six years as a solo singer with his mini 7 album ‘Imagination (Imagination)’ released in Japan.

The best solo singer in the top ten album of K pop singer ‘K’ s pop singer in the best sellers is the 6th and the 10th place in the charts the only solo singer who showed the status as ‘K pop representative solo singer’.

Junho was cast as the protagonist of the movie ‘Gigong Dohryeong’ (gag), which was about to open next year, so he was expecting to take control of the screen. Also in March, TVN’s new drama ‘Confession’ will take on the main character and will be transformed into acting.

On the other hand, Junho will show his best 2nd album ‘TWO’ at 6 o’clock pm on various music sites in commemoration of his birthday.

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