N.CUS, which has been devoted to the debut on the 27th, is going to show the first stage by appearing in ‘2019 KAF (K-Asian Festival)’ (hereinafter ‘Kaf Concert’).

At the K-POP stage of CAP Cap Concert announced by N.CUS, Hyuna, BTOB, Winner, KARD, Momoland, CLC, Park Girl, Lovelyz, CIX, Hashtag, Military & Gangnam, Nilo, Banner, etc. The best singers gathered the topic of their appearance. N.CUS will showcase their debut mini-album [MATCHLESS LOVE] ‘Come With Me’ and ‘Stage Girl’ in this Cap Concert.

In particular, as content is released every day after the debut news, expectations and interest for N.CUS’s debut have been concentrated, and expectations for the first official stage before debut are rising to the fullest.

Boy group N.CUS, a 12-member rookie who is attracting attention as the next generation idol with unique visuals and proven ability, is centered on leader Ios, Hwan, Myung, Seo Seokjin, Seongseop, Hojin, Euntaek, Soon, IF (IF), Yuan, Seungyong. , Consisted of citizens. Team name N.CUS says’ No. It stands for Competitors Under the Sky, which means ‘There is no enemy under the sky’.

Meanwhile, the 12-member rookie boy group N.CUS will unveil their first stage through a press showcase at the 3D building on the first floor of the Sangam-dong esflex center on November 27th.

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